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You really don’t mess with a hungry Sicilian.

"That's four done, only 346 to go..."


Oh my. What day is it? We have just recovered – I think – from one of the most busy, challenging, and ultimately rewarding commissions of our chef careers. Picture the scene. 350 Italians gathered, expectant…and, most importantly, hungry. Now that would be daunting enough, but these were not only Italians, but Sicilians. Hungry Sicilians. And what they were waiting for was our food.

The gathering was to celebrate the Festa di San Giuseppe, which originally began in Sicily but is now recognised across most of Italy. And beyond: this particular celebration was in Hoddesdon. We had been invited to prepare and serve a buffet menu for the occasion, in aid of the Breast Cancer unit at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow. Alongside running our online deli and finding great producers in Italy, this is what we do. Feed people, sometimes on a big scale. Continue reading


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