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Watch out, they’re stripey!

Opinion is divided at Just so Italian HQ. You see, whilst every product we stock is tried and tasted by us before it gets anywhere near our customers, it’s not always a unanimous decision. Take these striped pasta bows, or farfalle, in fetching shades of the Italian flag. Some of us love ’em and some of us don’t.

“They’re not very authentic”, says Danilo. “But they’re fun”, says Alison. “I’m not sure”, says Alex. “They’re popular”, says Tony.

We’re all right, of course. They’re different, unauthentic, a novelty and actually lots of our customers like them. But here’s the most interesting thing. They are made by an artisan pasta maker in Piemonte, using only natural ingredients: durum wheat semolina and water and, for the colouring, spinach and beetroot. They’re made using traditional methods and dried in the best way – slowly at a low temperature. So for an apparently novelty product, these farfalle are actually very good. And they taste good too. Try them with simple pasta sauces, or even just some olive oil and good cheese.

Meanwhile our debate will rage on (you know what we Italians are like when it comes to discussing food). What do you think? Love’ em or loathe ’em? Email us your stripey opinions to alison@justsoitalian.co.uk.

(That’s Danilo’s not very authentic doodle, by the way.)


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