A passion for good food and drink that’s just so Italian.

Few people in the world are as genuinely passionate about what they eat as Italians – as interested in ingredients, as knowledgeable about food traditions, as convinced that the version of a dish their village or their family produces is absolutely and without question the very best in all of Italy. (If you don’t believe it, try arguing the toss with an Italian!)

Maybe we’re a bit like that too. We certainly love food! As Italian chefs we believe that Italy’s varied regions produce some of the best foods and ingredients in the world. We also know that many of the best products come from small-scale artisan producers. Most of them are true characters, deeply committed to what they do, and their products are interesting, different and delicious – our mission is to find them!

So I’m afraid we regularly have the arduous task of touring Italy from north to south, east to west, meeting lovely, passionate producers and tasting wonderful products…just so we can bring the very best back to the UK for you. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!

You can find our products in many good delis around the country and you can also buy from our online shop, where you’ll find other interesting stuff too. Meanwhile we’ll be updating this blog regularly to tell you about new products, what we’re doing and maybe a recipe or two. So why not check back occasionally and see what we’re up to?

Ciao, Danilo and Alison


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