Antipasti: mix, match and enjoy!

Now summer is here and the weather’s getting warmer, we have the perfect starter for a lazy lunch or supper in the garden. A generous antipasti platter is a traditional, convivial way to share delicious bits and pieces over a drink and good conversation. Who cares when the main course is coming when you can pick at and nibble on salumi, cheese, olives and other tasty goodies. Or add some country bread and it’s a meal in itself. It’s a lovely, casual yet refined way of eating.

The great thing about an antipasti platter is that you can mix and match to suit your, and your guests’ tastes. Aim to include some stronger tastes and some mild, some salty, some sweeter. At a weekend barbecue we served up some thinly sliced coppa, salame finocchiona and salame Milano with small pieces of gorgonzola dolce drizzled with honey, shards of pecorino Toscano and some walnut caciotta. Some baby onions – or cipolline – in balsamic vinegar provided crunch and acidity and some lovely taggiasche olives added a salty bite. Oh, and a basket of freshly baked focaccia. All these delights, and more, are available from our online shop. Take a look through our salumi, cheese and antipasti departments and see what takes your fancy.

When it comes to serving up, be creative! Large decorated plates, rustic wooden boards, pieces of slate all look fantastic. (Just make sure everything is scrubbed and clean before adding your antipasti items!) Antipasti simply means ‘before the meal’ of course. In our experience it’s often the case that it’s the best part of the meal… or even the meal itself!


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