Little balls of loveliness.

Sometimes you come across an Italian food product that has obviously taken considerable effort to produce, and you wonder why someone has gone to all that trouble. Olive all’Ascolana are an example: large green olives from around Ascoli Piceno in le Marche, stuffed with finely minced pork and veal, then breaded and deep fried. A lot of work for something that’s gone in a bite. But then you taste them and understand that the effort was worthwhile, and you’re rather glad that someone has the patience to do it.

These peperoncini al tonno are similarly special. They are made by our artisan producer friends, I Magnifici del Mezzogiorno, to a traditional recipe that uses only simple, natural ingredients. Small round chillies, grown in the warm Calabrian sun, are carefully stuffed with a blend of tuna, anchovies and capers, then preserved in extra virgin olive oil. The result is a bite-sized punch of chilli flavour, tempered by the tuna filling, that is decidedly more-ish. Serve them up as an antipasto along with a few cured meats, cheeses and some crusty bread; and watch them disappear first!


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