The happiness of the long distance eater.


"Now that pasta producer we heard about might just be down that road..."

“So, how do you find all the producers that supply your wonderful products?” one of our customers recently asked us. At first we were surprised at the question. You see, for us, there’s only ever been one way to track down the products we choose to sell, and that’s to travel Italy, meet the producers face to face and taste, taste, taste! (Nothing gets into our shop unless we’ve tasted it.) It means many miles on the autostrade, even more on roads that twist through chestnut groves or past vine-covered hills or over snow-capped mountains, getting lost in towns, getting lost out of towns, and much exploring, and talking. But we’re pretty sure it’s the only way to find the best products from the best producers.

Of course, we do our homework first, but on so many occasions when we’re with a producer, they show us something we didn’t know about, weren’t expecting. Or they tell us about another producer, of oil or olives or bread or cheese, that we must also go and see. Often these unexpected discoveries are the most wonderful finds.

We were in Italy just last week on one of our food tours, and travelled from Turin to Naples, stopping off at Florence, Pisa, Ravenna, Senigallia and Bari  – a journey of some 2,000 kilometers. On the way we looked in on some of our favourite producers, met some very dedicated and genuine people and, most importantly, found some really superb new products for you. Watch this space – they’ll be coming soon to our online shop!


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